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I Almost Blew up the Universe

by Lxnnnie

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Lxnnnie has put out a fair share of experimental insanity, but 'I Almost Blew up the Universe' easily takes the cake. These songs were written and recorded from May until the early days of September in 1998 when Lxnnnie was at the peak of his experiments with mental illness. Around this time he claimed he almost blew up the universe with his mind and was subsequently was taken to the psych ward for the first time. A wild trip from beginning to end, this album reaches the farthest boarders of the mind, crosses over, gets lost and somehow comes back. By the third song 'Goodbye,' Lxnnnie declares that he is basically leaving sanity behind with a mental suicide song written to his parents. From that point on the insanity prevails. Throughout the album you will hear a man exploring his mind, struggling with his own psychology, presenting questions of existence and somehow answering them- basically talking to himself on record in song. The music is precisely in-line (or should I say out of line) with the lyrics, swaying from nice melodic mid-fi songs to blown-out lo-fi romps to completely experimental compositions with Dr. Seuss-like rhyming rants. The entire record is sloppy and unrelenting from the lyrics to the performance right down to the recording techniques. As sloppy as it is, it maintains some sort of form and melody. Furthermore, the sloppiness actually complements the setting and concept perfectly. It's as if you are hearing a songwriter literally and consciously losing his mind while trying to write songs and record them. If fact, that is exactly what this is. There are a few lucid moments on songs like 'Insurrection,' 'Hush.... All of Nature Sleeps,' and 'High' where the writing and recording is basically smooth and melodic, however, the bulk of the album is filled with musically experimental songs and existential rambling lyrics... Original to say the least. Highlights of this style include the certifiably catchy 'Revelation Translation,' and the positively twisted anthem of 'The Mad Scientist from Outside.' In other songs like 'Poop Made Out of Eggs' Lxnnnie is completely gone. Another mentionable aspect is that he uses an array of different accents throughout the album as well, perhaps multiple personalities coming through? There is a lot to be said about this record. It perhaps breaks ground in a few "outsider" areas and in the experimental category for being an effort that completely falls apart while maintaing melody and sustaining concept. Also for the fact that a man intentionally and consciously went insane, recorded it in song form and eventually came back to reality. Give it a whirl, if for nothing more than hearing something you have never ever heard before.

Originally released on cassette in the late 90's.


released September 10, 1998

Unfinite Records, USA

All songs written, performed and recorded by Lxnnnie.
Drums on 'Insurrection,' 'The Riddle Inn,' and 'The Mad Scientist from Outside' by Ryan Garifine.



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Lxnnnie Belmar, New Jersey

Lxnnnie (Lonnie Rutledge) is an artist, songwriter, and poet from the US. He's described his style as 'Schizodelic'; a term he is noted for coining in the mid 90's. Lxnnnie has self-released many albums under assorted aliases in multiple genres of music. He's had songs featured in major motion pictures including Heights and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and produced music for MTV commercials. ... more

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