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All Walls Are Melting Behind Me

by Lxnnnie

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Over the years Lxnnnie has experimented with songwriting and creating sound in many ways. On this album his experiment relinquished a less than favorable outcome, but nonetheless interesting in overall concept and idea. In February of 2001, Lxnnnie spent 48 hours consuming heavy doses of dextromethorphan in an attempt to see what he was able to create in this particular headspace. Out of all of the chemicals Lxnnnie has experimented with while producing sound, this album is a clear demonstration that Robitussin is the least productive. 'All Walls Are Melting Behind Me' is a huge pile of audio garbage; a collage of music samples and electronic rhythms soaked in a plethora of random nob-turning effects, all carelessly mish-moshed together with no regard for structure or sound quality at all. It was created using a sampler, a drum machine and a 4-track cassette recorder... Probably the only equipment he could operate at the time. Only redeemable for the soul purpose of experimentation itself and maybe to the extreme avant-garde ear, 'All Walls' is a failed experiment and stands as proof that DXM does not help one to produce pleasant or coherent sound. That being said, it can be an intriguing listen at times with a few neat ideas popping up here and there, but unfortunately those ideas never come into focus. Curiously, a strange parallel could possibly be drawn from this album to that of the soundtrack of a YouTube Poop video; pointing to their similarity in randomness of style and loud ghastly audio effects. Wild, seeing as this album came out 4 years before YouTube. Overall, I'm afraid not many people will dig this one, perhaps only the avant-garde artist could possibly enjoy this debacle. But hey, that's why we experiment, to see what works and what doesn't. This doesn't. You have been forewarned. There are no standout tracks, in fact, the whole album itself, stands out as one big obnoxious monstrosity of sonic trash.

Lxnnnie does NOT endorse the irresponsible or recreational use of dextromethorphan. All medicine should be used responsibly and for its intended purpose only.


released February 25, 2001

Unfinite Records, USA

N|N|N Black Hole Specials



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Lxnnnie Belmar, New Jersey

Lxnnnie (Lonnie Rutledge) is an artist, songwriter, and poet from the US. He's described his style as 'Schizodelic'; a term he is noted for coining in the mid 90's. Lxnnnie has self-released many albums under assorted aliases in multiple genres of music. He's had songs featured in major motion pictures including Heights and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and produced music for MTV commercials. ... more

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